through the development of bonnie's music rush, there has been a few removed features.

blackjack Edit

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often refered by fans as "pre-???" is an unused, black bonnie. in-game within the pre-classic, he acts the same. however, in hard mode, blackjack takes the appearence of old bonnie. however, he turns black from the powerout, and only his eyes are visible. now, he moves in a vertical-downward speed, moving 15 steps.

unused golden freddy AI Edit

in the "pre-classic" version of the game, golden freddy's sprite moved to face bonnie's at all times, and follows him everywhere he goes.

"fixed" nightmare head Edit

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during development, in 0.12v, golden freddy's floating head was replaced with a nightmare head, with glowing red eyes. besides the graphical change, no AI had been adjusted. his colors are red and B.W., just like the original nightmare from fnaf 4.

golden freddy's unused costume, in-game.


the unused "GO" text added in-game.

"GO" Edit

in the counter counting down the time at the start before a power out occurs, in the data, an unused "GO" sprite was scene. it flashed vibrantly from color to color. this was removed likely due to lagging complications.

quoted characters not being in-game Edit

one comment in the original "Freddy's cake rush" game, the comment describes there being a Tasmanian tiger named "chompy" and a foxy reincarnation appearing. however, these features are not present in any known version of the game. it is unknown if these characters will appear in future versions or another game.

unused "jammin'" Bonnie sprites Edit

in the editor mode, Bonnie's costumes include normal walking costumes and an unused pile of bonnie playing a guitar. it is likely these would play when you collect a music note.


bonnie's unused "jammin" sprite sheet.

trivia Edit

  • golden Freddy and nightmare share two things: body (or head) structure and one error: no hat. it is unknown why they both share this, or if this was just mini game style, an error, or intended for an unknown reason.
  • other than the unused sprites, even though Bonnie's main "source" of music in the normal game, Bonnie is never seen using his guitar, EVER. this may change in later versions.