old bonnie is an antagonist in bonnie's music rush.

appearence Edit

old bonnie is very similar in design to withered bonnie in fnaf 2. he has a metalic hand, a missing face, and metal feet. however, he is missing numerous tears in his body structure aswell as his right "robot" hand and arm.

behaviour Edit

bonnie activates 9.09 seconds after the power outage occurs (12.09 after the game starts) and lifts his head up. then, his eyes turn from black to red, and for the rest of the night, he will move in a foreward, slightly crooked pattern across the pizzaria.

trivia Edit

  • old bonnie is the only animatronic to have 2 counterpats in-game; bonnie (or toy bonnie in design), and blackjack

blackjack is an unused character

appearing in the old "pre-classic" version of the game, and the old, unfinished hard mode.

behaviour Edit

in the pre-classic, blackjack is a black old bonnie, excluding his red eyes and metalic feet. in hard mode, blackjack would start as a normal old bonnie. however, when the lights go out, bonnie turns completely black. however, now, he goes slightly faster in a more, vertical-downward angle.

trivia Edit

  • bonnie is the only character in the unused features to get a "shadow" counterpart, who is blackjack.